The Netherlands
(July 27th, 2001 to July 28th, 2001)
Friday, July 27th, day 389 of Lisa and Joel's Excellent Adventure, we arrived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, just before midnight, on a bus from London, The United Kingdom, passing through parts of France and Belgium on the journey.  Getting across the English Channel was an interesting experience we went through the Channel Tunnel (The Chunnel).  The bus drove onto a train carriage compartment and then the train rode under the English Channel, coming out near Calais, France.  The voyage takes about 30 minutes.

Once in Amsterdam, we took a train to the airport, from Central Station, and got a room at
The Sheraton for a few hours of sleep before our eleven hour flight.

Originally we had planned on flying from Amsterdam to Boston, thus completing our around the world adventure.  But, because our Around The World airline tickets actually started in Los Angeles, we had the opportunity to take a direct flight from Amsterdam to LA. 

Saturday, July 28th, day 390 of our adventure, at 11:30 AM, 362 days since we last left our home country, we boarded a plane heading back to the good ole' US of A.