Shots (Ouch!)

We decided to P.P.P.P.P. it and get some shots (ouch!) before we left.  We had to go to the nurse's office for 4 consecutive visits, with one week off after the third visit.

The first week we got the first of 3 shots for Japanese Encephalitis, the first of 2 for Hepatitis A, the first of 3 for Hepatitis B and the one needed for yellow fever.

Then the second week we got the one shot needed for typhoid, the one needed for tetanus, the one for polio and the second of 3 for Japanese Encephalitis.

The third week we got the last shot for Japanese Encephalitis and the one shot needed for meningococcal.

The last week (thank goodness) we got the second of 3 shots needed for Hepatitis B.

Somewhere on the trip, in approximately 6 months, we will need to get the third of 3 for Hepatitis B and the second of 2 for Hepatitis A.

By the end our shoulders were so sore you could barely touch them, but I guess it was worth it -- you can't have any fun if you're sick.

The nurse gave us a yellow vaccination card that we will bring with us, in case any customs officers along they way want to know if we have been vaccinated.