Crazy (I mean. . .) Malaria Pills

We each got 20 anti-Malaria pills (mefloquine -- also called lariam).  You are supposed to take one pill a week (at the same time each week) for one week before you enter a malaria region, one a week for the entire time you are in that malaria region and one a week for 4 weeks after you leave that malaria region.

We are going to be in malaria regions from the time we land in Bali (tentative date: October 13th) to when we leave Istanbul (tentative date: June 21st) --- a total of approximately 8 months.  (The only place we will be during this entire time that is not a malaria region is South Africa.)  So we will begin taking the malaria pills one week before we hit Bali, take one a week all the way through Turkey and then one a week for 4 weeks after we take off from Istanbul. 

If we keep to our tenative schedule, we each need 38 pills.

The crazy pill reference is to the fact that malaria pills can cause hallucinations.  The nurse told use this and Joel said "that doesn't sound like a side effect, it sounds more like an extra bonus" -- the nurse didn't find that too funny.  She was a real "Nervous Nelly".

Anyway I guess the best way to avoid malaria is to try to avoid mosquito bites as much as possible.