Don't Go There?
The US State Department puts out travel warnings on places it thinks you should not go and also consular information sheets on various countries.

This information can be somewhat helpful but should be taken with a grain of salt.  The State Department will list some countries as "no no" places based only on bad political relations with that country.  For example, Libya is listed by the State Department as a place to avoid, but some of the travel sites describe Libya as a great place to visit.  How much of the State Department's reasoning to publish a travel warning is based on a true threat to a traveler's safety and how much is based simply on bad political relations?

What if the U.S. State Department had to issue a report on itself?  The United States is the most violent country on earth.  If the State Department did an honest assesment of its own country, the United States would be the number one country on its list of countries to avoid.