Don't drink the water!

In areas with poor sanitation, only the following beverages may be safe to drink: boiled water, hot beverages, such as coffe or tea, made with boiled water, canned or bottled carbonated beverages, beer, and wine.  Ice may be made from unsafe water and should be avoided.  Where water is contaminated, don't brush your teeth with tap water.

Boiling is the most reliable method to make water safe to drink.  Bring water to a vigorous boil, then allow it to cool; do not add ice.  At high altitudes allow water to boil vigorously for a few minutes or use chemical disinfectants.  Adding a pinch of salt or pouring water from one container to another will improve the taste.

Chemical disinfection can be achieved with either iodine or chlorine, with iodine providing greater disinfection. 

We are bringing a water purifer with, but it should be noted that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) makes no recommendations as to the use of any portable water filters on the market due to a lack of independently verified results of their efficacy.