July 3rd: BOSTON TO SAN FRANCISCO (in "The Sube")

We "fire all of our guns at once and explode into space" July 3rd.  This is when we leave Boston.

"Like true nature's childs" we are traveling West across the United States, heading for our take off point from the States -- San Francisco. 

This should be an adventure in itself. (You know what we mean if you have ever had the privilege of driving in Joel's car, "The Sube" (short for Subaru).  But that's ok because "we were born, born to be wild". 

If the Sube makes it (which is highly in question), we plan on ditching the car with Lisa's sister, ZsuZsu (Susanne), or selling what remains of it to the highest bidder. (We were thinking about burning the Sube in a kind of symbolic ritual, at a festival called Burning Man in the Nevada desert.  But, since Burning Man isn't until September, any burning will have to wait until next year (if we are even back by then.)

Traveling West, as we "fly so high and never ever die" we plan on visiting Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier National Park, the Grand Canyon and "whatever else comes our way". 

We are also going to try to get up to Alaska before we leave the States.  Maybe with a flight out of Seattle or a ferry ride up the West coast of Canada.  We'll see how things develop.