Welcome back, my friends. It's strange for all of us who know you guys to even imagine what you've seen, done, and been through. I for one cannot wait to sit down and talk about your adventures. I’d love to hear some of your stories. In reading your most recent e-mail, I felt excitement, sadness, and uncertainty, just as I'm imagining that you're feeling. Stay strong, you've been through an experience that very few can compare with. Use what you've learned along the way to make your transition one that is as positive as the past year has been for you.  Good luck finding a car!     -Kim

Take your time getting back to Boston. The thought of Lisa and Joel’s Excellent Insights coming to an end is not a thought I look forward too. But welcome home anyway.    

I have been following your travels and envy your worldly experiences. What are you going to do once back in the states? I'm figuring that a book is in the cards. Am I wrong?    

I'm so jealous! What an adventure!    

I can't beileve it was almost a year ago when Joel fell off the chair, in that resturant, in Sydney.  It reminded me of all the fun we had there. Thanks for keeping me updates with the journal.  

Go over to the Rokery coffe shop in the Gray area of Amsterdam.  It's super cool - you will like it.  While you are at it, stop by the Double Reggae which is only a couple blocks away.  

I've read every word of your journal pages. I want to be you. I'm looking forward to your return. You guys are married now, aren't you? If you're not yet, you'll either soon be, or you'll never see each other again after you return. Joel, Lisa must be a saint to put up with you for a solid year.     -

Hi Joel and Lisa, I'm glad you made it through the football game episode and getting robbed.  Sounds like you both have really grown.  I understand what you mean about a life of mediocrity.  I hope you can keep the strong feelings you have for life alive.  I miss you both and look forward to seeing you soon.   

Your website is outstanding.  Can't wait to spend some time this weekend "touring"  with you.  What a great adventure.   

I forwarded your St. Petersburg soccer match story (
email #21) to a co-worker of mine who is from Moscow (defected during the Soviet era).  He thoroughly enjoyed your tale.  His wife is from St. Petersburg, but they met in Mankato, Minnesota of all places. He wanted me to warn you about Poland, if you're going there.  He said, "They really know how to rob you there."  He thought you'd be ok in Russia, but this was before I found out about your camera getting stolen in
St. Petersburg.    

I am following your adventures. The one in Russia (
email #21) sounds as though it might have been a little too exciting. Sounds as though all as great with you .  Look forward to seeing you when you get back.     -John

Enjoyed your Russian soccer story (
email #21) immensely. Glad you got out of there withyour time you want a quieter afternoon, try cricket at Lords in London, but it better be a match between England and Australia; not one between England and India or Pakistan    -Nat

Another incredible story! I wanted to write to tell you how much I  enjoyed your review of nearly a year on the road (
email #20), then the football piece (email #21).  Holy Shit!!. Exciting to sure, but stay the hell out of crowds when you don't speak the language.  Now more than ever, get home

Congradulations on your travels.  I KNOW you had a good time on 'the fastest yacht in Australia' -- a.k.a 'The Card'.    
-Jonny Dee

Thanks for let me travel along for the last few months, I even told my students about it and they sounded quite interesting.  I even got motivated and srtarted to do a little traveling.      

When you guys are finally done with your trip what am I going to do without your pictures to keep changing my screen saver at work?  I hope it's not too dull when you get back.  Thanks for all the entertainment and experiences you have shared.  It will be hard to not hear from you as often
when you get back.  I've heard more about what you've been doing this last year than ever in your life.    

I admire you for your world travels.   

What an incredible journey! I  have read some journal entries, and lots of the info stuff you guys provide on traveling.  Basically I have been traveling vicariously through Lisa and Joel's Excellent Adventures.   

It's great to keep hearing all your stories around  the world.  This last email (
email #20) was great, very inspirational.     -Andrew

It is amazing when you look at all the places you have visited. Iam sure both of you will come home different  people. You have had so many experiences. Use them in a good way.     -Lee

We love to read about the places you have been seeing. The Little Bear travels are great.  Brendan and Lauren like it alot. They can't wait to see where he visits next.  

Man, you guys sure do lead very interesting lives over there yonder!! Much more interesting than mine at the moment anyway!! The tricky situations you can get yourself into travelling, sometimes is quite scary really!! Good on you though.    

Its always so great to hear from you.  I love to hear all you are doing and seeing!  It sounds incredible.    

You go to Indonesia and a revolt breaks out.You go to Nepal and the Crown Prince goes berserk and kills his parents, the king and queen and a couple of his siblings.  Gee, I don't know if I would want to travel with you two.  P.S. Within the last 24-hours there has been a world-wide alert to all Americana traveling abroad to be on the guard against possible terrorist attacks --- be careful.   

Ive been following your travels and envy your worldly experiences.  I'm figuring that a book is in the cards.  Am I wrong?    

I would like to just say that after reading your Syrian Money Change story,  you are lucky that Lisa was not recruited into the Syrian Mafia's prostitution ring and that Joel's body was not found rolled up inside a Syrian rug in some warehouse somewhere. Good God! My car broke down the other day and I thought THAT was a dicey situation!  Good luck you crazy travelers!   

I am covinced that the two of you can go anywhere in the world now and be able to survive and prosper. Your trip has been fascinating to us.

What a story (Money Change in Syria!)  That alone should bring big bucks as a Magazine exclusive.  You guys are amazing.    

I am still excited about your trip and think that you need to add another year to pick up those countries you thought about.  However,if you don't, then I'll bet that within the next two years that you will do it again. What a great year though. When others say, I think that I will....You can say BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT, AND PICKED UP A FEW T-SHIRTS ALONG THE WAY.  For all those nay sayers,you might want to hold a party and show some slides."The saddest words of tongue or pen are these words... it might have been." They only apply to the nay sayers and certainly not to you. You both must feel absolutely great about doing it!!!   

Your adventure sounds amazing!     -Bill   

I get chills when I think of all the places you will see and people you will meet.  This is one amazing adventure you're having.  I really appreciate you guys taking time to do the web page so I can keep up to date. It's almost like I'm there with you (the blisters, diarreha, insects, dirt, malaria...  ).  I'll be watching the page a lot--so keep it up if you can.  I know that keeping a journal can be tiring but I'm sure a lot of people you know appreciate it.    

We saw your "business" card in the Red Piano bar/guest house in Siem Reap so thought we'd drop you a line!  Are you still travelling, and how is it all going? Anyway, just a few good wishes to send you safely on your way, from two weekenders from Bangkok to two born travellers!    -Jonathan

You two certainly are adventurous.  I am so proud of both of you. You are the best example of Americans that people from other countries will meet.  Keep it up. When I read your journal I feel like I am reading a travel book. I am amazed at all you are experiencing. What a great adventure you are on. We are so glad you did this while you have lots of energy. Go for it!    -Lee

I can't believe you guys.  What a wonderful exploration of the world and life and love.  Keep it up.     -Clive

Hi guys!  I'm so jealous that you're hanging on the beach with cool people and I'm at work typing you an e-mail! You can't even believe....Anyway, sounds like all is going well so far. Your commentaries are pretty funny. Sounds like you are really looking at this trip as a big learning experience. I mean, learning about how everything in our world works together.     -Kim

I have LOVED living vicariously through you two!!!  It sounds like you guys are having the time of your lives...and I am so happy for you.     -Molly

I'm am so jealous!  This is the coolest trip.  Do you pinch yourself everyday and say "I can't believe I'm doing this!"     -Kathleen

I just read your latest on the website. It's so cool. I want to be in the "feedback" section. "HI MOM"... seriously though ... I hope you're having as much fun as you seem to be.  I know that Nicole and Andy are following you on the web also.  Say HI to Joel, of course. Is he joining gyms along the way? The Cook Islands look fabulous. I loved cell #19. Do they have room service?    

Have read your Cook Island Adventures about ten times.  The pictures are almost lifelike.  Your descriptions are vivid and I love that you both have a sense of humor that comes through to make your travels fun.  I have two first grade teachers that are excited about their classes traveling with
Little Bear.      

What a great trip you guys are on.  You can't realize or (maybe you can) what it is like to go where and when you want. The world is your oyster.    

Looks like you guys are having a great time!  I am so jealous.  The pictures you have posted are amazing - it makes our little camping trips look pretty pathetic.  I am so glad you guys set up this web site, we are going to save all the information and hopefully someday use it ourselves.     -Stephanie

I just got through reading your adventures in Cook Island.   I am really impressed with your and Lisa's spirit of adventure and openness to great diversity of life.  I especially liked your comments about being committed to exploring all of the terrains of the world on your tour - including under water.   It also helps when you describe the physical and emotional parts of the experience.   The pictures are great too - you get a sense of the scale of your "hikes" and the beauty of place.   Any cannibals in Cook Island??  New Zealand I'm really anxious to see/hear about.    

Your travels sound unbelievable.  Thanks for keeping the website updated and for your emails - it has been fun living vicariously.     -Judy

I can't believe that is my big brother co-piloting a plane on a search for sperm whales, chewing the fat with Gary McCormick (New Zealand's Jack Hannah), reverse bungy jumping on the "Sky Screamer", and standing so small beneath the "God of the Forest."  The rainbow trout you caught is a lot bigger than the sunnies we caught in the river with our "Snoopy" poles.  Thank you for putting so much effort into your journal so we can share in your adventures.  Your beautiful pictures and comical stories bring you home and make the distance apart seem not so far.  I show Coby your photos and he points.  Your journal will show him not only what great things uncle Joel and aunt (smile) Lisa can do, but what he someday could do as well.  I can't wait to see your next entry.     -Tara

We are enjoying your travels so much.  What marvelous experiences you are enjoying, and we are so happy that you are sharing all of this with us via email.  Continue to enjoy and keep us informed.  Have fun.  Our thoughts are with you.     -Bette & Ed

I just wanted to let you now how much I have enjoyed the stories of your world travels.  I loved all the info on New Zealand, I never thought about going there but the stories and pictures where great!  Brendan Jr.  got a big kick that you went to the Olympics.   He read and opened all the pictures.  He really liked the bridge shots.  He wants to know when we are going to go travelling.  When he is older I told him we would go.  We are looking forward to your next installment of Lisa and Joel's excellent adventures.  I think I will get a map for him to track your travels.  It would be a great geography lesson for him.     -Kathy

I love following your trip!!!!!!!    


What a beautiful site!  Sounds & looks like you're having the experience of a lifetime. Go for it.  Enjoy but be safe.     -Micheal

I just checked out your site.  The pictures, journal entries, etc. are incredible!  Hope your trip continues to be an excellent adventure and have fun!     -

You are truly living a dream that most people are afraid to attempt, if not even afraid to dream.  The thing that excites me about traveling this type of journey is that you can never know how your life will change because of this.  The unknown can be a place to avoid or a true opportunity.     -Brad

I checked out the web site.  It's wonderful!  I'm retired now so when I have some time I like to come and check up on your adventure. I have found it to be very informative and enjoyable.  I will continue to follow you and wish you much luck in successfully completing your adventure.     -Karen

(Muscle is Pedro's nickname for Joel) and Ms. Muscle,  It is good to know you're having a good old time around the planet.  Wish I was there too but I guess I'll have to just follow your e-mails.  Take good care and have some evil local drinks on my name.     -Pedro

I just love your web site, I really feel like I am almost there when I read it and see the photos.   -Judy

I love your website.     -Todd

Are Joel's nutz still roasting on the sun broiled beaches of the East?  I think your trip is getting better and better as time goes on.

Your emails and journal entries are incredible.  Every time I read them, not only do I marvel at your adventure, but I'm always taken by what a terrific writers you two are.     -Ed

I have been checking your site and following your trip and I think that the site looks great.  Your adventures and travels continue to be amazing and we all love reading them and living vicariously through you.  

After he reading, and re-reading, your description of the trip through Cambodia on the back of the pickup - with Joel's white teeth gleaming out of his dirty face in the evening twilight -- I must say your writing has become Hemingway-esque!  I think a book is seriously a great idea.

I think your site is great and the pictures make it really come to life. That truck ride through Cambodia sounded unbearable, but what an experience!

I read your Cambodia Journal; my oh my you two are on your way to a book!  It's just what you guys always wanted to do!  I'm so proud of you guys doing this, you two sound like you are growing and learning so much.  

I just read your journal.  The poor girl vomiting next to Lisa; Joel riding on the bumper; you sitting on rice!  Wow!!  I can't believe how much you guys are experiencing.  I'm proud of both of you.    -Kim

Your account of your trip into Cambodia is great, I bet you and I sat in the same corner of the same truck for that hellish ride, only one year apart.  Safe Travels....     -Mason

I love getting your email updates!  I get to see the world without leaving my desk job... maybe it's not the same.  You guys look great; thanx for keepin' us posted.    -Mark

I am entralled by your trip.You are doing everything and that is great.     -Larry

I really liked your last mass-email (
email #20) -- it had some interesting perspectives on traveling.  I sense that you both are getting a bit tired, which I can understand, but only you two know how tired (I imagine it is more tired than I have ever been).  Still--the lure of the new and intersting draws you both onward--I suppose it is almost like a drug.  I'll be curious to know how you "settle" during te
first year you are back.  I expect it'll e quite mixed, with an urge to take off immediately, and a
sense of relief and safety and relaxation and quiet that you don't get when you're abroad. Hang in there--you both are truly an inspiration.  

I remember Holi with extreme fondness; there is no other holiday or celebration with such unbridled enthusiasm where children and adults can have fun without any self consciousness, where it is fun to come out with old clothes and basically "assault" total strangers amidst squeels of laughter! We used to take pride in mixing colored water that might not fade no matter how many times one was going to wash the clothes. I am glad you got into the spirit. I envy you; frolicking throught the world.     -Nat

Excellent travelogue!     -Todd

What a wonderful time you must be having but what will you do with the correlated knowledge and experiences???     -Austin

We are amazed at your spirit of adventure. You have experienced so much on this trip. Your journal makes us feel that we are sharing in the experience.  Everyone seems to have the same feelings as myself. We all enjoy your adventures. You sure do have the makings of a book there. Take care and both of you have fun.     -Lee

I want you to know that I am extremely jealous and envious of your major, kick-ass decision
to travel the globe.

It was very nice to meet you on the way to the airport in Hong Kong and I hope you are still having a great trip.  I have travelled a lot in my life and I think you are doing the thing right...and at the right time.  Keep me on your email list.  Have a great voyage...I envy you.

'Way to go guys!" This is the first time I have taken the time to review you world venture! You guys are really serious about an around-the-world, year long adventure; such a trip can only really be appreciated when the heart is young, and the legs are strong.    -Michael

It is so interesting to read your email updates.  Imagine, six months have passed already, with seven more to go.  You'll be able to write a book when you get home!  Just be careful, but enjoy.     -Adele

I have not kept up with your site - but the times I have gone in - it seems the two of you are a "long way from Kansas" and have experienced some incredible stuff and some pretty scary stuff too.     –Janet

Hello. The saluting and framed pictures of the king and all sounds wild!  It’s so neat that you guys are experiencing this.  What a wonderful time you must be having.  That was so nice of you to send the digital image to that guy. He will cherish that, I’m sure... you two must fascinate the people you meet.    

Your travels sound unbelievable as usual.  We have all been enjoying your website.    
– Judy

I do have to admit that when you say day xxx of Lisa and Joel's adventure it seems more like a hostage situation than an incredible trip.   I am exhausted for you - the trek seemed pretty incredible.  I still miss you and find it still hard to believe that you have been traveling for over 200 days.    

Your web page is quickly becoming my number one e-portal to news, travel information, stock tips, and shopping! Oh sorry, that was supposed to go to Anyway, your trip is sounding better all the time. The Tibetans believe that tulpas--physical manifestations of psychic hang-ups or energies--roam the earth. They are doppelgangers, exact twins of a real person, and appear to be solid material. They ride around and do whatever tulpas do. If you see yourself, it's probably your tulpa! Use caution and definitely take photos of it.    

Fantastic elephant pictures!! I just saw them and had to tell you.  Wow, what gorgeous shots. You must have been in elephant heaven.   

We love to read your journals we look at the globe to see where you are. Brendan has kids in his class from that area of the world China, South Korea and India.   I think it is great!!!!  You both look like you have been enjoying yourselves.  Do you think you will get to all the places you wanted to see?  When are you planning to come home?   I hope you stay and see it all!!!!    

Would love to hear all you news, add us to the your email update list with pleasure.  Good Luck!    

I am so jealous. You are about to go to and you are leaving two of the places I want to visit the most.  I can't believe all you have done. I can't wait to see these pictures. Take lots of pictures in Egypt and let me know if the Pyramids are real. How did they do that?  Have a safe trip.     -Ria

Hey!  Great to hear from you. Sounds like you guys are really having a ball!  How long have you been on the road? It seems like a million years!!!  Take care! Say hi to King Tut for me!     -Skip

Your trip brings back great memories.  I was in Luxor in 1953.  When you are finished with your first book we could write a second together called "Then and Now".

All I can say is -- you two are amazing.!  Lisa I always knew you were something special.  When does your book get published ?  Hi Joel.......  Best regards.     -Faz

You have really given us a history and geography lesson thru all your travels and descriptions.  What a wonderful experience this has been for you both!!  I've been enjoying your travelogues!!!!!    -Betty

What an amazing adventure you seasoned travelers are having. I am tired just reading all you have done. Keep up your good work on the journal so we can feel that  we are traveling with you.     -Lee

Wow........what a trip!!!! I'm jealous like crazy!!! 

I am entralled by your trip. You are doing everything and that is great.    -Larry

Just last night we saw the dye throwing in the Pink City on the Travel Channel. How weird is that? Too bad they didn't get you two on camera!  We miss you guys. It seems like you've been away forever. But I'm sure time is flying by for you. So much to see and do! Keep having fun!    -Joanne and Matthew