Email #8 (11-9-00)
Hi Everyone,

We are in Darwin, Australia -- our gateway to
Southeast Asia.  IT IS HOT!!!  This could be the
hottest place we have ever been -- very tropical.

Since our last email we continued up the Gold Coast to
Cairns.  Along the way we went on a 3-day sailing trip
on an around the world racer called The Card. 

We also had an awesome time on Magnetic Island (which
made our Top Ten Around The World List for Best Places
To Hang Out And Chill).

When we got to Cairns we sold the Ford Futura to Ute
(from Germany) and Andy (from Switzerland), who plan
to drive it all over Australia.

After some R&R in Cairns, we jumped in a big jet
plane that took us to Darwin.  We plan on hanging out
in Darwin for about a week and then we step through
the looking glass into Southeast Asia.

As always you can check out all the details of our
adventure at our web site.

We hope all is well with everyone.  Take care.

Lisa and Joel

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