Email #7 (10-6-00)

Hello Everyone,

We are in Hervey Bay, Australia, home of the Humpback
Whale.  Every year, when their nutrient rich, home
Antarctic waters get too cold, they migrate north.
They go to the warmer waters of Eastern and Western
Australia and the islands of the South Pacific so they
can breed.  The newborn calves need the warmer water
to survive, since their layer of blubber hasn't
developed yet. 

We just got back from a boat trip right into the
middle of the whales.  The whales we saw visit Hervey
Bay twice a year, once on their way north and once on
their way south.  It is thought that they are simply
using Hervey Bay as a rest stop.  If that is so, it
would explain their exuberant, playful demeanor and
their genuine curiousity and interest in human

These magnificent, graceful creatures were a sight to
behold.  It truly was a moving experience.  The
attached picture is a female Humpback and her calf.

You can get all the details of our Humpback encounter

We truly hope everyone is doing well.  Everyone that
receives this email is important to us and we
appreciate your feedback and support on our adventure.

Visit our website soon.

Lisa and Joel

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