Email #3 (7-30-00)

Hi everyone,

We are at Lisa's sister Zsuzsu's place in Palo Alto
(Silicon Valley).  It's trippy here -- all these
dotcom glass towers, Oracle, Intel, etc..

Since our last email from Seattle, we went to Crater
Lake National Park in Oregon and Lake Tahoe in
California/Nevada.  They were both a lot of fun and
after arriving in Palo Alto we went into San Francisco
and checked out the scene. 

So the "Sube" made it across country!  (Technically we
take off from the states in San Francisco -- but we
are close enough to say we made it).  It was a little
dicey though -- the "Sube" is in rough shape.  It's
kind of like in the cartoons when the car totally
falls to pieces, but we made it.

We leave for the Cook Islands on Tuesday, August 1st
and we are pumped.  We visited with Lisa's friends
Kevin and Pam and their son Jack, the second cutest
baby we have ever seen. (Joel's nephew Coby is the
cutest.)  They spent 10 days in the Cooks on their
honeymoon, so we got a lot of "insider information"
that will come in handy.

We plan on getting certified to scuba dive there,
combined with a lot of relaxing on the beach and
exploring all the islands.

We are not sure if we will find internet access there,
but we will try to write as soon as we can.

As always you can find details of all our adventures
on our web site.  

If you know of anyone who might want to be added to
our email list, just have them drop us an email or
send us their address.

Also, if any of you have a web site that you would
like to cross link with ours, just let us now.

Hope all is well and take care.

Joel and Lisa

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