Lisa and Joel's Excellent Adventure: Issue 24


-A New Beginning-
by Lisa A. Listro and Joel A. Sward

Thursday, August 23rd, day 416 of Lisa and Joel's Excellent Adventure, we drove into Boston, MA of The United States of America, thus returning to the point we started from completing our around the world adventure.

There was no fan-fare, no ticker-tape parade, just a celebratory drink with a few friends from Lisa's old job and the patented discussion about the last 14 months: "What was your favorite place?, How has the trip changed you?, What did you miss the most?", etc., etc.

Don't get us wrong, we love sharing the experiences of our 14-month, 24 country, and 5 continent spanning odyssey. Those of you who humored us with a bent ear are greatly appreciated.

The problem, if there is one, lies within us, not you. We guess we are a little melancholy and a tad bit blue that the wild ride is actually over. Now that things have come to a close, does it mean we can no longer wake up with child eyes and seize each and every day with enthusiasm and amusement? Of course not. But a transition needs to take place in order for us to adjust to the world from which we left.

It's strange to use a telephone, watch American television, get harassed by a telemarketer and soak in the hustle and bustle of our dog-eat-dog times. Sorry, but we have been a way for a while. We forgot about mortgage payments, 401ks, paying rent and earning a wage for that matter. Don't we get a little time to reflect and ease into "the real world"? The answer is yes!

Lisa and Joel's Excellent Adventure may be over, but a whole new adventure is about to begin. We are going to house sit for woman named Laura, who we met through Iryne (the woman we met in Hong Kong and stayed with in Los Angeles). Laura was looking for a caretaker for her amazing home right on the water, on the tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. We are meeting Laura down there on August 31st, and we plan on staying for at least 6 months!

Isnít that incredible? We get back, we are all set to get unpacked, find a place to stay, get jobs and enter back into "the real world", and then bamm Ė this happens! We are pumped. Itís not just going to be fun in the sun, although the place is amazingly beautiful -- a real tropical paradise. We plan on writing a book about our travels over the past 14 months. We had so many people email us to say how much they loved the web site journal and how we should expand on it and write a book, so we are going to do it!

The notion of lounging on the beach in a tropical paradise, while intellectually reliving our adventures as they pour out on paper was too great of an offer to pass up. So in a sense the adventure continues. Isn't that really a metaphor for life -- the adventure continues? When does the journey ever end and for that matter when did it really begin? Our experiences over the past 14 months were a huge piece of our personal puzzles of life and they will never be forgotten. But, the journey continues. You either watch life pass you by or you jump on for the ride. Either way time will definitely keep moving forward.

We deeply appreciate those of you who traveled along with us over the past 14 months. Your emails and positive support were the catalyst that kept us going through those tough times. The website will stay up for the time being, if anyone wants to look back on what we have done. But for now life moves forward. So, stay tuned for the book, take care and stay in touch.

Lisa and Joel

Attached photo: Newport Harbor, Newport, RI, USA
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Lisa Listro and Joel Sward are currently unemployed, homeless world travelers. For more information on their adventure see
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