Email #2 (7-21-00)

Hi Everyone,

We made it to Seattle -- The Portal to the Pacific. 

We are currently sipping lattes, in big "Friends" cups
and doing email and working on the website in a
cybercafe called SpeakEasy.

Since our last email, we drove straight through
Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana to Glacier
National Park.  We survived "The Mountain Goat
Incident" and Lisa had her first backcountry
experience.  After 3 days in Glacier we headed for

We have been staying in a youth hostile right by the
water.  Seattle is really cool.  Yesterday, we went on
a ferry to San Juan Island and looked for "Orca".

Today we are heading for Olympic National Park and
then we move south along the Pacific Coast to San
Francisco.  Our departure date from the states is fast
approaching (August 1st) so stay tuned for more
exploits of our great adventure and check out the web
site when you get a chance for more details and cool


Lisa and Joel

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