Hello Everyone!

We hope this email finds everyone happy and healthy.

We are in Dahab, Egypt -- a small village nestled on
the eastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula.  From the
terrace outside our hotel we can sit and watch the
cyrstal clear, blue water form waves that cascade into
the coral reef which lines The Gulf of Aquaba and
separates us from the red rock cliffs of Saudi Arabia
off in the distance.

Since our last email we flew from Nairobi, Kenya to
Cairo, Egypt.  After a fews days in Cairo, which we
used as a launching point to see The Pyramids of Giza
(see attached picture), we took an overnight train
into Upper Egypt to visit the ancient ruins in Luxor.
We saw the amazing Temple of Karnak, The Valleys of
the Kings and the Queens and much more! 

After Luxor we traveled by bus to Hurghada, where we
caught a ferry which took us across the stretch of
water where The Gulf of Suez pours into The Red Sea.
After a brief visit to Sharm El Sheik (filled with
luxury beach resorts), we worked our way up to Dahab.

Next we plan on continuing up the coast to Nuweiba,
where we will take a ferry across The Gulf of Aquaba
to Aquaba, Jordan.

Take care and stay in touch.

Lisa and Joel

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Email #18, May 20, 2001