Email #17 (May 7, 2001)
Hello from Nairobi, Kenya!

Nairobi, nicknamed “Nairobbery” by travellers and locals alike, is a lawless place where you definitely have to be on your toes.   One of the biggest problems is that the police are more corrupt than the offenders, which creates a real Wild West atmosphere. Personally, we have not run into any problems, but have heard from some taxi drivers that car jacking is a big problem.

With that said, the extra effort required to travel here is definitely worth it, as Nairobi provides the perfect launching point to visit some of the best game parks in the world.

We just returned from a game safari in Samburu National Reserve.  We saw lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe and much more!  All in their natural environment!  It was amazing! 

Since our last email, from Cape Agulhas, South Africa, we continued along the coast to Cape Town, one of the great cities of the world.  We returned to Jo’burg on a more central route, visiting the wine country of Stellenbosch and the diamond mines of Kimberly.  We also visited Pilanesberg National Park, Sun City and Kruger National Park, before leaving South Africa for Kenya - and that’s only a few of the highlights!  Although we’ve only been in Kenya for a little more than one week, we have experienced what we mainly came here for -- a safari -- and are off to Cairo, Egypt tomorrow.

To get more details about our adventure, as well as some awesome photos, be sure to check out the journal section of our web site.

We hope all is well with everyone and take care.  You’ll be hearing from us soon.

Lisa and Joel

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