Email #10 (12-23-00)
Merry Christmas Everyone!

While most of you are roasting chestnuts over an open
fire and enjoying a white Christmas, I'm roasting my
nuts (Joel) on a white sand beach enjoying a tropical
Christmas.  Ho, Ho, Ho!

We are spending Christmas on Phra Nang Beach, near
Krabi, Thailand.  Phra Nang Beach is not actually on
and island, it's really on a peninsula.  It feels like
an island though, the huge, limestone cliffs that
enclose the beach make it inaccessible by anything but

The beach is truly beautiful and is definitely going
on our -- Top Ten Places In The World To Hang Out And

Since our last email, we escaped the political turmoil
of Indonesia without a scratch and worked our way
through Singapore and Malaysia, into Thailand.

As always you can check out all the details of our
adventures in our journal on the web site:

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

Lisa and Joel

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