Email #1 (7-13-00)

Hi everyone,

Well we made it across the Mississippi.  Things
haven't been easy though.  We were robbed twice in one
day (hit once in New York City and once in Atlantic

We have been having some fun though.  We saw tall
ships and fireworks in New York City, swam in the
ocean and strolled the boardwalk in Atlantic City, saw
the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio and hung
out with Joel's family and friends in Minnesota.

Now we are heading West toward Glacier National Park.
Details of all our adventures (the good and the bad)
are on the web site, so check it out if you get a

If any of your friends or family might be interested
in our journey, drop us their email, or have them
email us, and we will add them to the list.

We were playing around with the web site and we
noticed that sometimes when you move from one page to
the next it gives you an error message -- like access
denied, or a geocities screen that says this page does
not exsist, or sometimes the pictures don't load
properly.  If this happens just click the back button
on your web browser and then click the forward button
to go right back to the page that wasn't loading
properly and it should come up alright. 

Hope all is well with everyone and take care.

Lisa and Joel

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